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Dumfries VADumfries is one of the oldest continuously chartered townships in Virginia. Located just 25 miles south of DC metro area, Dumfries has a rich history. Dumfries has a variety of old and new construction of homes in the area.  Although densely populated, Dumfries is surrounded by wetlands and woods. The woods and wetlands are a perfect breeding ground for termites and other wood destroying organisms. These can damage wood homes or the framing inside of brick constructed homes.

Owning a home or town home in Dumfries allows you to enjoy the beauty of the area as well as the convenience of living not far from the D.C area. It is vital to protect your home, your largest investment, from termites and other pests that may damage your home. Regular inspections of your property can quickly identify any issues with termites. EcoTek can complete an inspection and create a termite treatment plan that will deal with infestation, as well as an estimate to repair the damaged property.

EcoTek Termite and Pest Control has been providing termite control since 2011. We offer a turnkey termite control solution that includes treating for current termites, repairing termite damage that’s from the infestation, and preventing the termites from returning. Contact EcoTek today to learn more.

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  • How to Determine if You Have Termites

    Many homeowners do not suspect that they have a termite infestation until they discover a termite colony in a room or under their house. Usually, by the time you notice signs of termites, it is already too late and they have already caused thousands of dollars in damage.

    • Wood Damage–The damage will show up as damage in long grooves in the wood below and behind surfaces.
    • Mud Tubes—The mud tubes are about the size of a pencil and will be along the foundation of your home. If you break them open, termites should come out.
    • Termite Wings—Piles of discarded wings are signs that a colony has just swarmed and reached a new home, since they discard their wings when they reach their destination.
    Wood Damage
    Wood Damage
    Termite Wings
    Termite Wings

    mud tubes
    Mud Tubes

    Waiting until you spot termites is not the best plan. Often this means that the damage is already done. It is important to be proactive when it comes to protecting your home. EcoTek offers a free termite inspection that can quickly identify if you have any issues, and give you peace of mind if you do not. Scheduling regular inspections will allow you to identify any issues before they become serious. If EcoTek’s expert technicians identify a termite problem, the will provide you with a free estimate that will cover the costs of eliminating termites and cleaning up the damage. It will also explain costs involved with repairing the damage. The damage repair is an optional service from EcoTek, but our experts can complete the work at a lower cost than most independent contractors. EcoTek’s turnkey termite control solution will cover the extermination, the cleanup and damage repairs, as well as providing a continuing service that will guarantees that you will never have to worry about termites again.

    Termite Control Dumfries

    Potent Termite Treatments

    EcoTek uses Termidor SC for killing termites. Termidor SC is the best graded liquid termite treatment in the marketplace for five consecutive years. The treatment is applied to the top of your foundation to stop the termites that are trying to eat your wood from doing any damage. The termites will carry the insecticide back to the colony effectively kill the queen and the entire colony. It will also stop new termites from invading your home.

    organic Termite extermination Dumfries

    Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

    EcoTek offers a chemical free monitoring system to help you detect termites before they become an issue. Our technicians will install EcoTek Term-Pro stations around the outside of your home. These stations contain wood and cardboard which will naturally attract termites and allow our technicians to see if termites are invading your property. If any termites are found, they will treat them with safe, protected solutions to eliminate the termites. This system is a good option if you do not have any existing termite activity on your property.

    Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

    At EcoTek, we offer the most detailed free inspections in the industry. The WDIR 100 report tells you the current condition of a property that you are selling or buying in regards to WDOs (wood-destroying organisms). The reports will not only cover termites, but will also report on issues caused by powder post beetles, wood borers and carpenter bees (which are often not included in reports). These reports are used when buying or selling a home or applying for a mortgage.

    Our free WDIR 100 inspection reports are available to a variety of people. You offer this free service to:

    • Institutional properties
    • Commercials properties
    • Multi-family units
    • Residential Builder Services
    • Realtors
    • Prospective home buyers

    calendar check

    +Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

    EcoTek provides a comprehensive +Structural termite safeguard agreement that will eliminate termites from your home and prevent them from coming back, as well as protect your home from other pests. This includes termites, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, bed bugs or any other type of insect that may enter you home. EcoTek will exterminate them completely for a pest free environment. Our +Structural TermiteGuard warranty states that if there any insect activity and/or damage that occurs right after we treat your home or install bait stations, it’s our responsibility to treat the pests and to provide cleanup, decontamination and repair at no cost to you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What reports will I get after an inspection?

    You will receive a report about the termite activity in your home. If there is no activity, this is what the report will safe. If there is termite activity, you will also receive an estimate, treatment plan and a list of repairs that you will need to have completed.

    Can I lower my chances of getting termites?

    There are steps that you can take to protect your home from termites. Keeping your roof in good repair with no loose shingles will help keep termites out. Fixing leaking pipes and drying out the wood can help. Clearing dead wood off your property will also help.

    How often does my home need to be inspected for termites?

    If you suspect you have termites, you should have it inspected immediately. Otherwise, a termite inspection each year is recommended. Termites establish new colonies in the spring, so late spring and early summer is a good time.

    Will the treatment affect my pets or other animals?

    We use Termidor SC, which is one of the safest treatment options available. Once the treatment is dry it poses no threat to animals or wildlife. We will shoo away any animals that approach during the treatment, and you should keep your pets put up until the treatment is dry.

    How can I tell if I have carpenter ants or termites?

    The damage that they do to your home is slightly different. Termite damage will have a lot of mud and debris in it. The ants may still be living in the wood. It is neater with small holes. If you knock on the wood ants may come out. Both termites and carpenter ants can cause structural damage to your home and they need to be treated.

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