Rodent Control

Rats and mice can cause significant damage inside your home. They destroy most things in their wake. Not only will the eat and spoil your food, they will also spread diseases like hantavirus and salmonella. These diseases can be spread through their feces and urine, which they will leave throughout your home. They can also gnaw tunnels and holes throughout your home. They also pose a threat to electrical wires, which can become a serious fire hazard. Because they reproduce so rapidly, one or two can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation.

rat controlRats, mice and squirrels are rarely welcomed into a home. They may come in through cracks in your foundation or by walking along electrical wires to reach your roof. There are steps that you can to prevent them from coming in. But once you spot them, you should contact EcoTek right away. Signs of an infestation include droppings, scratching in the walls especially at night and ruined items in your pantry and closet. Our expert exterminators will eliminate them, clean up behind them and repair any damage that they have caused to your home.

Stop worrying about a possible infestation and take the steps to eliminate the problem once and for all. EcoTek offers a turnkey solution that will help you address all of the issues that rodents can create. The first step is to identify the issue.


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Here are four signs of a rodent infestation to watch out for.

  • Odd scratching sounds coming from inside the walls. This may happen at night.
  • Mouse or rat droppings. These are a clear sign that you have a serious problem and that rodents are in your house.
  • Small holes in your kitchen cabinets. These rodent holes may also be in other furniture in the bottom of desk drawers.
  • Odd holes and tears in your clothing, fabric, insulation and other items.

When you spot any of these signs, or you suspect that you have mice or other rodents, contact EcoTek for a free rodent inspection immediately. Eliminating the infestation quickly can reduce the amount of damage to done to your home, and reduce the risk of catching a disease from one of these pests.

Rodent Cleanup, Repair and Prevention Services

It is important to do more than just remove all of the pests from your property. The nests and feces can still cause disease and it is important to completely remove it. Once it is gone, you can begin repairing the property.

Infestation Decontamination

Mice, rats and squirrels can leave bacteria behind which can spread salmonella and other diseases. Decontamination is essential to rodent removal process to stop the spread of disease. It can also help remove the unpleasant order that those pests leave behind.

Rodent Damage Repair

After the rodents are gone, and the area has been decontaminated, it is time to assess the damage and begin making repairs. We have a repair division that will help repair drywall, air ducts, electrical wiring, insulation and even your HVAC system.

pest exclusion

Rodent Prevention Services

After completing the repairs, we will install pest exclusion barriers that will prevent the mice, rats and squirrels from entering your home or business again. They will seal off any points of entry in your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of traps do you use?

Our rodent control services use bait stations to deal with the rodents in your home. The stations are designed and placed so that you do not need to worry about your pets finding them. We will check the traps daily until all of the mice are gone.

How long will it take to clear out an infestation?

The amount of time to clear out an infestation is really dependent on how big the infestation is. However, we will keep setting the traps and checking them until you are rodent free. If there is a large infestation, we will set more traps than we would for one or two mice.

What is the decontamination process?

When we decontaminate a crawl space or an attic, we will spread a chemical that will take care of any odors that are left from the rodents. This is a very effective method of decontaminating your home and helping you and your family to stay safe.

What are signs of a rodent infestation?

There are several signs of a rodent infestation. Mice droppings are black and about the size of rice or sprinkles. Rat droppings are a bit larger than mice droppings. You may also see bits of fur, or hear scratching in your walls or around your home. The scratching may increase at night.

What can I do to prevent a rodent infestation?

There are several things you can do to prevent a rodent infestation. The first is to cover any vents or other holes into your house with metal grating. Check your foundation for cracks and make sure the doors close tightly. You may want to trim back branches that hang over your house and make sure the rodents cannot enter your attic.

Customer Reviews

We kept hearing what sounded like scurrying in the attic late at night so we decided to call an exterminator to find out if we might have mice, or even worse rats. EcoTec came out and confirmed that we did indeed have mice which had nested not only in our attic but also within a wall behind the pantry in our kitchen. It took about a week to completely get rid of them, but thankfully we haven’t had them return, plus EcoTek even provided us with an affordable cleanup of all their nestings and droppings along with repairs of all the holes where they had chewed through.

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