Termite Damage Repair

termite damage repairTermites will cause serious damage to any structure with wood frame. Since termites work behind the scenes and in between your walls. You may not realize that is an issue until the damage has already been done to your home, which can cause your property value to plummet. Termites are attracted to soft wood and anywhere with standing water increases the chances of a termite infestation. Basements and crawlspaces are common areas for termite infestations since they are where subterranean termites dwell and have easy access to your home.

The termite damage can actually threaten the structural integrity of your home, by attaching supporting wood frames and floor joists. If there is any termite activity found, you need to treat it quickly by having a termite control treatment done on your home, and then make repairs to the damages to deter further infestations as well as return your home property’s value to what it was before the infestation. The EcoTek Home Services team can help with the repairs. The team has more than forty-five years of experience in construction and repairs services as well as termite control.

After the termites are treated and removed from the property, you can fix the structural damage that has been done to your home. With competitive pricing, you can count on EcoTek Home Services to repair your home to its previous condition. Trust EcoTek to make the entire process easier for you.

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    termite damage to wooden post

    Damage from termites can be extensive, But EcoTek has experts who can repair:

    • Sub-floor
    • Floor joists
    • Wall framing
    • Door and window framing
    • Brick molding
    • Door thresholds
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