Humidity and Moisture Control Services

crawl space floodingHumidity and moisture control issues under your home can pose several problems. It can weaken the structural members, as well as encourage wood rot and makes it easier for mold and mildew to grow. This can also cause unpleasant and musty odors that can affect your indoor air quality and make people in your family sick. Any wood that is untreated and softened through water damage is more appealing to termites and other wood destroying organisms.

While moisture might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it can really threaten your home’s structural integrity as well as the health of your family. The technicians at EcoTek can diagnose any of the issues that are causing humidity and moisture in your home and then address the root causes by fixing the issues in your basement and crawlspace. The technicians can address issues that are caused by rainwater leaks, condensation and drainage problems which can lead to standing water, wood rot, mold and fungi growth, indoor air quality issues and termite damage.

If you notice mold, peeling or cracked paint, or a musty odor in your home, you need to have an inspection completed to see if there is an issue in your crawlspace or basement. Humidity and moisture control is essential to keep your family healthy. You can learn if humidity and moisture control can help your family by scheduling a free inspection and consultation to learn about the services that we offer.

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    If your business or home has any of the conditions above, our Home Services team can help with the following services:

    • Vapor Barrier Installation – 100% ground coverage with a reinforced poly ground cover at least 6 mill think, sealed with taped seams
    • Dehumidification Systems – Installation of a dehumidifier with a GFCI electrical receptacle in the crawlspace that will permanent condensate drain line that will go outside through the foundation wall and then it is sealed with a foam sealant
    • Crawlspace Vent Sealing -Sealing and blocking the vents to stop the humid outside air from getting into the crawlspace
    • Water Drainage Systems – Installing a French drain system that can be around either the exterior or interior of the foundation wall, which includes trenching to each of the footing, a corrugated drain pipe around the perimeter to end in a catch basin and drainage ditch at a low side corner of foundation, that is covered with backfill with a layer of aggregate and soil
    • Crawlspace/Basement Sump Pumps – Installing a float switch operated sump pump with a GFCI electrical receptacle and a permanent drain line through the wall to the outside, which includes a liner gravel aggregate and PVC piping

    Take the steps to protect your home today. Schedule an inspection and receive a report from the experts at EcoTek that clearly outlines the issues and causes and then develops a cost-effective solution customized for your specific situation so that your home can be healthy and safe.

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