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EcoTek Termite and Pest Control has established the Home Services division because we understand the how issues including moisture and humidity problems can have a direct effect on indoor air quality, pest and wildlife infestations and damage along with interior comfort and energy efficiency. A problem in one area can affect the others and cause a domino effect, which is why our Home Services division will address the home performance problems that your hothouse may be experiencing. Our expert technicians will take the time to explain each of the services so that you can choose the one that will be the most effective and affordable to create a home that is comfortable and safe with the added bonus of protecting your biggest asset, your home.

With more than 45 years of combined experience, the EcoTek Home Services team can help you improve your Energy Efficiency, help with Crawlspace Services and Home Building and Repair. Our qualified team can you help you keep your home running at its best by making your home more energy efficient while working to keep it healthy, clean, odor free and free from pests, a place where you comfortable and safe. Call or fill out the online contact form today to schedule a free consultation and inspection today.

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    The EcoTek Home Services Team specializes in:
    • Wood Rot Repair
    • Crawlspace Encapsulation
    • Mildew and Odor Mitigation
    • Wood Rot Repair
    • Termite Damage Repair
    • Humidity and Moisture Control
    • Pest Exclusion and Weatherization

    At EcoTek, we know it is important to take proactive steps to prevent future pest infestations in addition to repairing any damage caused by a previous infestation. Each of the services offered by the Home Services division will work to lower your power bill and prevent future infestations which will save you from needing future exterminations services within your home. These services will pay for themselves. Contact EcoTek to learn how we can help you save money with our home performance services.

    A sealed home has two distinct benefits. It can give you an added protection against pests and moisture from rain and other precipitation. It also makes your home more energy efficient since it helps your heater and air conditioner run more efficiently. Learn how EcoTek can save you money by lowering your power bills.

    Crawlspace Encapsulation

    crawlspace encapsulationMost people do not realize that over half of the air in your home comes from your crawlspace. If your crawlspace is not sealed, it allows moldy, dusty and unhealthy air to come into your home. Humid and wet crawlspaces can seriously damage your home. Your crawlspace can promote mold and cause issues for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. EcoTek Crawlspace Encapsulation Service can solve your crawlspace issues and can work to resolve serious issues including:

    • Structural water damage and wood rot
    • Standing water in your crawlspace along with accompanying humidity and moisture
    • Mildew, mold and Fungi issues
    • Poor Indoor air quality and other odors
    • Conditions that conducive for wood destroying organisms including termites and other pests

    Call EcoTek to learn how you can eliminate the moisture under your home or business with crawlspace encapsulation

    Humidity and Moisture Control

    crawl space floodingStanding water, along with humidity and moisture can cause serious damage to your home and cause your indoor air quality to drop. If left untreated, these issues can lead to complications including mold and mildew, wood rot and even termite infestation. IF these things take hold of your home, you will need to spend money to repair the situation to keep your home safe. The EcoTek Home Services Division can create a customized moisture management plan for your space. With over forty years of experience in damage remediation and moisture management our team specializes in:

    • Dehumidification systems
    • Water drainage systems
    • Crawlspace and Basement sump pumps
    • Wood rot and moisture management repairs

    Contact EcoTek to learn more about how humidity and moisture control services can help you..

    Wood Rot Repair

    wood rot repairWood rot can happen as a result of rain splash-up, standing water in your crawlspace or condensation and water vapor. This can cause serious structural damage to your home. If you notice signs of wood rot in your home or property, contact EcoTek. We can help with wood rot in your basement or crawlspace, around the exterior facings of your home or around the exterior doors. The EcoTek Home Services Division has more than fort- five years of experience in home repairs, moisture damage repairs and moisture management. Our wood rot repair services can help with:

    • Rot in your basement or crawlspace including the rim joists, band joists, floor joists and mud-sill
    • Wood floor and sub-floor damage
    • Damage of your exterior doors, the door thresholds and trim including brick molding
    • Water rot because of rainwater splash-up include the bottom pates, siding, trim, wall-framing and studs

    Learn how EcoTek’s wood rot repair services can help protect your home including your crawlspace or basement that have become weak from humidity and moisture.

    Mildew and Odor Mitigation

    mold and mildewIndoor air quality is an essential part of having a healthy home. If you have a family member with asthma or allergies, it can be even more important to address this issue. Any odors that are coming up from your crawlspace or basement can be a sign that the air quality in your home is not as safe as it could be. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your loved ones from these issues. The EcoTek Home Services team have more than forty-five years of combined experience working with milder remediation and can work to improve your indoor air quality through moisture and humidity management. Our services include:

    • Mildewcide and Fungicide Treatments for:
      • Basement and crawlspaces
      • Sub floor and mud sills
      • Your floor system including band joists, floor joists and rim joists
    • Replacement of Material with Mildew of Fungi Growth as needed
    • Eliminate the musty odors in your home by:
      • Sealing the crawlspace and floor barrier
      • Mitigating the moisture in and around your basement, foundation and crawlspace

    Termite and Wildlife Damage Repair

    wildlife damageThe damage to your home done by termites, squirrels, rodents or other wildlife can negatively impact your home. It can decrease the property value of your home as well as create structural issues along with indoor air quality issues. If you notice signs of damage, you need to have a qualified professional complete an inspection to determine the extent of the damage and to determine the necessary repairs to help make your home safe again. The EcoTek Home Services Team has more than forty-five years of combined experience in making home repairs. Combined with our extermination services to eliminate the culprit pests. Our Termite and Wildlife Damage Repair Services can help with:

    • Termite Damage – Structural repairs including wall studs, mudsills and floor joists
    • Rodent Damage – Gnawing damage inside of your home including to your cabinets and baseboards
    • Squirrel Damage -Damage to your home at the point of entry, fascia and soffit repairs
    • Bat Damage – HEPA clean-up, guano removal and exclusion
    • Other Pest & Wildlife Damage – Replace the damage insulation and make repairs along with odor mitigation

    Dealing with the termite infestation or removing other pests is just the first step to protecting your property. You will need to complete the cleanup and then make the repairs to get your property back to its prior condition. Our experts can provide you with affordable termite damage repair and wildlife damage repair solutions that can easily suit your budget.

    Pest Exclusion and Weatherization

    pest exclusionThe cracks that allow cold and musty air into your home can also allow pests into your home. Roaches, spiders, snakes, and even mice rates and squirrels can fit through small openings. Any place that your home has penetrations for HVAC, plumbing or electrical connections is a place where an animal can get inside. You can work on making your home more comfortable and energy efficient while blocking out these pests with EcoTek’s pest exclusion and weatherization services. This service will include adding screens to vents, caulking and blocking cracks and adding spray foam to any identifiable points of entry throughout the entire building envelope to keep the weather and pests outside of your home, making your home comfortable and efficient as well as clean and healthy. When you schedule with EcoTek pest Exclusion and Weatherization Services you will receive:

    • Screening and blocking
    • Targeted spray foam and caulking
    • Crawlspace and floor barrier seal
    • Attic and ceiling barrier seal
    • Foundation wall seal
    • Wall, sheathing and side repairs
    • Fascia, eaves, soffit and roof breaches

    After EcoTek has closed off the building envelope and points of entry, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from both the weather and pests that are trying to get inside your home.